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The legacy of Shasta began in 1966 when Bob Ast founded the business and built 26 swimming pools that year. In 1967, his brother Skip joined the team and sales surged to 235 swimming pools. In 1968 sales reached 535 swimming pools and Shasta became Arizona's largest swimming pool builder and has remained there ever since. Shasta has helped over 80,000 families enjoy the pleasure of swimming pool ownership and lifestyle. The family tradition continues with Skip Ast, President of Shasta Industries. His son, Jeff Ast, serves as Vice President of Construction.

Through the years, Shasta has grown through constant innovation and by always striving to provide outstanding services to our customers. Today Shasta Industries consists of many divisions, all with a focus on the swimming pool industry and a drive to be the best. Shasta builds pools, remodels pools, manufactures pool products sold nationally and internationally, builds commercial and olympic pools, and has a word class service division that helps you care for your pool years beyond your initial purchase.

Shasta Pools & Spas has three design centers valley wide which service the residential new swimming pool buyer. This division is recognized annually for its award-winning swimming pool designs and has built over 2600+ new swimming pools in a  business year.

Shasta Remodeling is dedicated to revitalizing existing swimming pools whether it is a re-plaster, face-lift or a total revamping of the swimming pool's design.

Shasta Service Division helps all swimming pool owners maintain their swimming pools with 14 skilled service technicians and heavy repair specialists who do specialty work on structures. We'll be there when you need us to fulfill all your service and repair needs. No matter how large or small the problem may be, we have a management team and group of technicians with the knowledge, skill and industry experience to help you find solutions as a Shasta Pool owner.

Shasta Semi-Commercial Pools Division focuses on swimming pools that don't fit into a backyard setting but aren't quite commercial either. Some of our spectacular swimming pools include the James Hotel, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Radisson Fort McDowell, The Vale, and Shea Homes.

Shasta Commercial & Olympic Pools Division builds the most unique swimming pools and spectacular outdoor environments, whether creating a water wonderland like the Big Splash water park at Del Webbs Anthem or the resort show place at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch.

Shasta's A&A Manufacturing Division is the leading provider of in-floor cleaning and circulation systems, and A&A's products are not only sold locally, but internationally as well.

Shasta's Xcel Surfaces Division produces extremely durable deck coatings for a variety of deck, patio, driveway, and garage applications. Xcel Surfaces is marketed internationally and sold locally under the Shasta Deck brand.



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