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The Shasta Pools & Spas service and warranty division is dedicated to meeting your swimming pool operating needs. After more than 46 years, Shasta Pools & Spas has built over 80,000 swimming pools and has assisted pool owners over a million times with great field service to ensure their Swimming pool performs as designed.

With our depth of experience, you can rest assured that Shasta Pools & Spas can diagnose your problemsand get the job done right.  Let us help you save time & frustration from trying to fix things your self by having one our skilled technicians perform your  pool repair needs.  This gives you more time to so enjoy your pool!


  • We are the leader in and specialize in the installation of energy efficient PENTAIR Variable Speed motors. They run cooler, quieter, are more efficient, produce more flow for less operating costs than standard pool pumps
  • We repair or replace filters, heaters, pumps, motors, electronic controls, plumbing and anythint assocaited with your pool
  • We do tile, stone and pebble water line cleaning. We use non-abrasive media that will not damage your pool tile!
  • We can retexture your deck, recolor your deck, are make structural repairs to your decking
  • We specialize in converting rolled bond beams to deck
  • We convert old un-attractive aging damwalls into beautiful spillway/water features that become the focal point of your pool!
  • You name it, our experienced pool building/service team can fix or repair it


To help us process your service request promptly, please click on this link "CONTACT FORM" and provied us with your pool information and we'll contact you within 24 hours.

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