PLEASE READ this Section! Important Warranty information for Shasta Pool Owners

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In 2012 Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies purchased and added Shasta's six retail store locations to their inventory of Swimming Pool Supply locations.  The information below clarifyies what this means to you as a Shasta Pool Owner.

First, LESLIE's did not buy out Shasta Pools, nor did they take over the service and warranty programs for Shasta Pools.  Leslie's only purchased our retail stores and agreed to handle the lifetime cleaning head warranty exchanges from the original 6 Shasta Store locations.  Leslie's submits your cleaning heads to Shasta who is the actual warranty provider of the parts redeemed in their store locations.  LESLIE's is not the warranty provider. They are only an exchange location.       

Shasta Pool Repair is the only authoried SERVICE DIVISION for OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY, our EXTENDED EQUIPMENT WARRANTY, or any of your swimming pool field service needs.  Shasta Pool Repair is the only authorized Service Provider for the LIFETIME SWIMMING POOL WARRANTIES, Extended Equipment Warranties, or more important, your new Shasta Pool Warranty for any pool built and all the equipment on the swimming pool.                                                                                                                               

All Shasta Pool owners must  call Shasta Pool Repair for their equipment warranty work on pumps, motors, filters, heaters, tile, decking, interiors, or any other items covered under a Shasta provided pool warranty.  Work done by anyone other than a Shasta authorized serviceman could result in you losing warranty coverage on the items repaired at your residence by another party, including LESLIE's.                                                                       

DO NOT JEOPARDIZE any of your Shasta Pool warranties by mistakenly having LESLIE's do work on your existing swimming pool under Shasta warranty coverage.  Call us first with any questions you have related to your pool, deck, tile. filtration system, cleaning system or operational pool needs through Shasta's Pool Repair division at (602)532-3887.

For swimming pool chemical and maintenance needs, visit the old Shasta Pool Supply locations, now officially LESLIE's SWIMMING POOL SUPPLy STORES .  If interested in  learning more about Leslie's locations, you can click the link below and look for the Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies store nearest you.

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