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Building a swimming pool can be a great way to turn your backyard into your own private oasis. In hot climates, it is a fantastic way to stay cool while spending time with your family outdoors – even in extreme heat. If you are interested in building an in-ground swimming pool, you can talk to the Arizona pool builders at Shasta Pools & Spas about a few of the in-ground pool options available, including:

  • Concrete. In the past, concrete was the most common material used in pool building. It is still used today, but some of the other materials listed below, particularly Gunite, has surpassed concrete in popularity among Arizona pool builders. A wooden form is used to hold the concrete until it dries.
  • Gunite. In a Gunite pool, a hole is dug in the ground, plumbing is put into place and rods are assembled to form the framework for the pool. A mixture of Gunite, sand and cement is sprayed on the framework. After it is set, it is smoothed and plastered.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass is placed in a hole in the ground and then the plumbing is installed. Sand is used to fill in any spaces and concrete decks are typically used to enclose the fiberglass for better stability.
  • Vinyl-lined. This type of pool is usually one of the cheapest options for in-ground pools, but it is not as durable as some of the other options. Metal, plastic or wood frames are used to hold the vinyl-lined frame.

When choosing your pool material, take into consideration your budget and how you will be using the pool to find the type of pool that is best for you and your family. Consult with the Arizona pool builders at Shasta Pools & Spas for more information on each of these different types of in-ground pools. Call 866.742.7825 FREE or fill out our simple contact form online.