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Signs You Need AnĀ Arizona Pool Repair Service Specialist


Arizona Pool Repair Service

A pool pump is an essential piece of equipment to keep your pool clean and functioning properly. The pump sucks in water from the pool, forces it though the filter, and releases clean water back into the pool. Without a functional pump the water in your pool can become dirty, murky, or cloudy. The following are four of the most common signs that your pool pump is in need of an Arizona pool repair service technician from Shasta Pools & Spas.

1. Noisy

A pool pump can become noisy during operation. If this is happening to your pump, first check for missing or loose screws. The next step is to watch the pump during operation to determine if the noise is due to vibration between the pump and the base or some other source. If the source of the noise is not obvious, call an Arizona pool repair service company for an inspection.

2. Not functioning

Obviously, if the pool pump is not working at all, it is time to take action. Most of the time, the issue is a problem with the electrical connection. It may not be advisable to try to fix this type of problem yourself, however, due to the fact that working with electricity in wet conditions can be very dangerous.

3. Not pulling water

This problem is most often caused by a clog in the skimmer or pump basket. Another possible cause could be that the impellers are jammed. Both of these issues can often be resolved easily with a professional inspection and repair.

4. Sucking air

Pool pumps often develop small air leaks. When these leaks become too big, they can cause significant problems. There are many reasons why these leaks develop and a number of different places in which they may originate. Whether you choose to try to investigate the leak yourself or call an Arizona pool repair service company, any signs of air in the pump basket should be examined.
If you find evidence of one of these problems with your pool pump, do not delay in hiring the Arizona pool repair service specialists at Shasta Pools & Spas. A quick inspection, diagnosis, and repair can get your pool back to perfect running condition in no time! CONTACT US at (602)532-3887 to set up a service call to ensure your pool filtration system is operating as it should!