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Commercial FAQ’s

Commercial Pools Frequently Asked Questions


Shasta Pools answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers about commercial pools. Please click on the + button to reveal the answer.

What kinds of projects does a commercial or semi-commercial pool company build?

Any type of project from city pools and aquatic complexes to water parks, resort pools, hotels and condominiums and other water features at commercial establishments.

Do I need a design before Shasta Pools & Spas can start my project?

No. Shasta Semi-Commercial and Commercial and Olympic Divisions can design, engineer and build your pool from start to finish.

What kinds of services do you offer other than building pools?

Shasta Semi-Commercial and Commercial and Olympic Divisions offer proposals on pool construction and renovations, budget development, code and safety consultations, deck resurfacing and service, repair and supplies.

Can you make recommendations on special systems unique to my project?

Yes. Every project is unique and Shasta Pools & Spas will make recommendations based on the customized equipment or any special systems needed to enhance each individual project based on your project's special requirements.

Do you use your own crews or subcontractors?

The design, project management and a large portion of the construction is completed by Shasta Pools & Spas rather than subcontractors.