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NEW PRODUCT Available for warranty customers! Reflective and Heat Reducing TOP COAT IR Shasta Deck recoloring product! Reduce the temperature of your existing Shasta Deck 8-10 degrees below the OEM installation temps. Inquire with us now! Save 10% off having our repair division perform a complete Shasta Deck recolor when on site to perform other deck repairs. Inquire with our deck repairman when they are on site if interested in converting your current decking to the IR product. Email Shasta’s Customer Care Division for details.

  • Custom Damwall Conversions
  • Commercial Deck Sealing Service
  • Commercial Deck Drains for Residential Decking Installations
  • Upgrade your decking when we are on site for other warranty related repairs with Shasta’s Exclusive modified cement re-texturing system. Product offered by our service division when on site to perform other deck repairs.
  • Structural Repairs and Deck Repairs
  • Our Service Division can perform any type of repair or equipment upgrade on your swimming pool!

The picture below was once a 6″ raised pebble finished damwall. As with most pebble finishes, the top of the damwall became unsightly and had heavy calcium build ups prior to our conversion to a sheer spillway design. The finish product says it all. Now it is a beautiful 8ft wide sheer water feature where once a plain old PEBBLE FINISH DAMWALL resided. It makes for a more dramatic effect on this pool.

Custom Overflow Damwall

We can perform this type of conversion to any existing 6″+ raised damwall, no matter how wide or high. Give us a call! We will have our in-house structural design expert help you redesign your old raised damwall into an attractive focal point on your swimming pool.

Flagstone Conversion

In the pictures above we show you an example of a old flagstone damwall a pool owner wanted changed to something with less upkeep. We came up with a customized look for them that included removing the old flagstone installation and creating a multiple curve spillway that ran the full 11ft across. The final result? A dramatic change in the overall look, giving the spa a sheer descent look. We also performed a complete waterline cleaning and pebble cleaning on this pool to make the entire project look brand new! There is no structural modification to a dam wall that we cannot perform!

Be sure to let us know on our Shasta Pool Repair contact form that you are interested in having an estimate given to convert your old, unattractive damwall into something spectacular. We will send out our structural design expert to assist you with a new look and focal point on your swimming pool.

Deck Sealing Service

Shasta Pool Repair has specially trained craftsmen who can install commercial grade sealant in your swimming pool deck and patio. One of the greatest enemies to Decking poured over Arizona soils is the threat of moisture getting underneath the decking. One of the best safeguards to this is having Shasta Pool Repair seal all the potential areas for moisture to get under your pool deck. This is an investment in protecting your deck against movement that creates damage. Shasta’s trained technicians can also provide you with information on how to establish proper drainage a way from your pool deck investment.

Commercial Deck Drains

Standard size deck drain is fine when you only have small areas of pool deck. When you have large, spacious areas, we can help you remove your old drains and convert to newer, higher volume deck drain to assist you with your drainage needs. We have been doing these retro fits for years and are specilized in making an installation that will not allow moisture to get under your decking and cause you movement issues.

CONTACT SHASTA POOL REPAIR FIRST when you have drainage concerns. We can give you expert advice on how to improve your pool deck drainage needs. We are not just a service company, we are a group of veteran pool building professionals here to assist you with improving your deck drainage.

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