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How to Choose Phoenix Pool Builders

A pool is a big investment, whether it is built for a home or a commercial establishment. From the conception and design of the pool, to construction, to its finished aesthetic appeal, everything should be just right in order to justify the energy and money you will put into the project. Only consider Phoenix pool builders with vast pool-building experience, a track record of satisfied clients, and an emphasis on quality.


Pool building is not a job for an amateur. It’s important for your pool builder to have adequate experience building quality pools. Some Phoenix pool builders have been in business for decades, and are very proficient at what they do. Without adequate experience, mistakes can happen that can cause damage to the pool and surrounding area. These errors can be costly and create tremendous hassles both during the construction period and in the years following the construction of your pool.

Satisfied Clientele

It’s important to choose a pool builder with a track record of satisfied clients. If the builder’s past clients have been happy with their work, chances are, you’ll also be satisfied. Look for client reviews online or ask for references from the companies you are considering.

Quality Work

Browse the portfolios of prospective contractors to see if they have built anything that satisfies your style. If possible, visit a pool they have constructed. Find out if they are members of a professional organization that enforces certain quality control measures or educational and training requirements.

Your Investment

The company you choose to build your pool will have a huge effect on your overall pool-owning experience. Only consider Phoenix pool builders with experience, satisfied customers, and quality workmanship. Shasta Pools & Spas has built over 80,000 pools in the Phoenix Metro area. When choosing a pool builder, you can feel confident when you choose Shasta.