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Three Ways To Add Style To Your Pool Area


If you want to revive the look of your backyard in Phoenix, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to give your swimming pool a face-lift along with the rest of the yard. You may be looking to update a semi-commercial pool that serves your guests or tenants. In either case, here are three ways that Phoenix pool remodeling can transform your existing pool into a newer, more attractive pool:

 Redesigned Lighting

Lighting can change the mood of any setting. Lighting can change the mood in your pool area to make it more romantic, more energetic, or more serene, depending on the type of ambiance you are trying to achieve. The color, placement, and brightness of the lights are all factors that influence the way a setting makes people feel.


Regardless of the current shape of your pool, an experienced Phoenix pool remodeling company can change the shape, and even the depth, of the pool according to the desire of the owner.


There are many options for changing the surface of your pool, including:

  • Replacing the tile at the waterline
  • Converting rolled bond beam to flat decking
  • Resurfacing the interior of the pool
  • Inserting a tile mosaic
  • Overlaying or replacing a cement surface with stone or tile

 Other Ideas

In addition to the lighting, shape, and surface, there are other ways to alter your pool. Adding a sun shelf, swim-up seating, a cascading waterfall, or a myriad of other things are also possible with Phoenix pool remodeling. Shasta Pools & Spas offers services that are sure to fulfill all your swimming pool remodeling needs.