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Three Signs You May Need Phoenix Pool Repair Services


Pools lose water everyday due to natural water evaporation. Sometimes, though, the amount of water loss can seem unusually high. This may indicate a possible pool leak. If the leak occurs in an above-ground pool, there may be obvious signs of standing water surrounding the pool. When the leak occurs in an underground pool, however, the signs may not be as obvious. Understanding some of the less-recognizable signs of a pool leak is important, so that you can call for necessary Phoenix pool repair services before the leak has had a chance to cause more extensive damage to your property or pool. Below are the top three signs that your pool is leaking water:

1. There is Significant Water Loss

If the water line is dropping at an obvious rate, there is no question as to whether or not you have a leak. If you are not sure, however, try placing a bucket full of water next to your pool for 24 hours. Measure how much water is lost in both your pool and the bucket to determine if the water level is dropping at a significantly higher rate in your pool than in the bucket.

2. Your Water Bill Are Increasing

When your pool automatically fills itself, you may not notice a recognizable drop in water levels when you have a pool leak. Instead, you may first notice that your water bills have increased significantly. Any unexplained increase in water usage should alert you to a possible leak, so you should contact a Phoenix pool repair services company immediately.

3. Damage to Pool or Surrounding Landscaping

Sometimes, as water leaks from a pool, the grass, plants, or surrounding decks or walks can become damaged. Soggy grass that is not growing well, warping wood or cracking concrete next to the pool may suggest that water is leaking and saturating the surrounding soil. If you notice any of these signs that your pool may be leaking call for Phoenix pool repair services right away. With prompt attention and repair, you can protect your investment in your home, property, and pool.

Shasta Pools & Spas Repair Division offers professional pool inspection, service and repair at prices you can afford. If you have noticed signs that your pool has a leak, call the Phoenix pool repair services experts at Shasta Pools & Spas today at (602)532-3887 or by filling out our simple contact form online.