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In Arizona, having access to a swimming pool seems to be almost a necessity in the hot summer months. If you own a swimming pool, or are considering installing one, there are a variety of Phoenix swimming pool services available. From construction or remodeling to maintenance and repair, the options are wide open.


Arizona is home to pool builders who really know their trade. Some of these builders have been in the business for decades. Larger companies have in-house pool designers that can create a unique pool for any setting. They can take on large-scale or smaller projects, and guide you through the process from design to finish.


Whether your pool needs a minor facelift or a major overhaul, if you can dream it, it can most likely be done. Remodeling may consist of resurfacing, a new deck or installing a fountain or scenic waterfall. Even the shape and depth of a pool can be changed.

Maintenance and Repair

Once your pool is built, that is not the end to your need for professional care for your Phoenix swimming pool. Swimming pool maintenance professionals can help you take care of cleaning, conditioning, and repairing your pool. Some of this can be done by you, but there are some pool maintenance tasks that can only be competently performed by professionals.

A pool offers you a way to enjoy the outdoors, even during the hot summer months in Arizona. Let Shasta Pools & Spas build, remodel or repair your Phoenix swimming pool.