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Pool Construction Process

Shasta Pools’ Superior Pool Construction Process

For 50 years, we’ve been honing our construction process to provide the most efficient and easy pool building experience around. As a Shasta customer, you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on in your backyard. By providing regular communications throughout every phase, we keep you informed about what’s to come – including profiles and photos of the Shasta employees who will be visiting your home. Please take few minutes to familiarize yourself with the stages of the pool construction process below.



After the design process, we stake out your pool. This gives you an idea of how the pool will fit into your backyard so you can be sure of the location and position before we break ground.

Fencing and Excavation

fencing and excavation

We’ll have to take down a portion of your fencing to access your backyard for the excavation process. We’ll give you a few days’ notice so you can make sure your pets are secured.

Plumbing and Equipment

plumbing and equipment

This is one of the most important phases in your pool construction. Depending on the cleaning system you have chosen, you could have over 200 feet of plumbing under your pool floor!



With the plumbing and equipment successfully installed, your new swimming pool is now ready for the electrical equipment, including lights. Because the electrical components of your

Structure and Surface

structure and surface

Your pool’s structure is built with reinforced steel rebar, spaced closely together to offer strength and long term durability to your pool structure. Once the frame is built, the wiring and

Hardscape and Decking

hardscape and decking

Next comes any hardscaping you included in your design. This could be a gazebo, outdoor kitchen, fire pit or custom water features. We’ll then build your pool deck according to your design specifications.



As the swimming pool construction process winds down, our team will be putting the finishing touches on your new outdoor living environment. In this phase, that means adding the

Interior Finish

interior finish

After the decorative waterline tile has been installed in your new swimming pool, our construction crew can begin applying the interior finish. This can be a one- or two-day process, depending

Clean Up and Start-Up

clean up and start up

Once construction is complete, we’ll get to work cleaning up after ourselves. We’ll remove any construction debris, put your fence back up and return your landscaping

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