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Design Options For Swimming Pools


One of the best things about pools in Arizona is how many unique custom designs are available. Arizona is home to more swimming pools than almost any other state in the country, so it is no surprise that there are so many companies offering custom pool design. If you are looking for a swimming pool that is out of the ordinary, here are some features you might want to consider:


Cascading waterfalls add an elegant touch to pools in Arizona. Small waterfalls can have a single tier or several. They use recycled water from the pool itself, so a waterfall won’t add significant costs to your water bill.

Tiered seating or fountains

Another option is to divide your pool into several segments and elevate some above the others. This tiered effect is very aesthetically pleasing and dramatic and gives your pool a more modern look. Lower tiers can be used for additional seating, as well. Fountains can add not only beauty but also an element of whimsy to your pool.


Finishes refer to the material that the sides and decks of pools in Arizona are made from. Standard concrete is the most basic finish, but there are a number of elegant stone and tile options you can choose from, as well. A good finish will be heat resistant, slip resistant, and complement the overall design of your pool.

These are only a few of the things to take into consideration when designing a pool. A service contractor can help you work through all of them and design the best pool to fit your budget and needs. Shasta Pools & Spas designs pools in Arizona with the features you need to make your dream pool a reality. Call 866.742.7825 or fill out our simple contact form online.