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As the Valley’s leading builder and with over 75,000 swimming pools installed, it is not uncommon for home buyers to purchase an existing home with a Shasta pool or spa. This is where Shasta Pool Repair becomes a valuable partner with you in caring for your newly acquired Shasta pool.

If you recently purchased a home with a Shasta pool, give Shasta Pool Repair a call. No one knows your pool like we do. Having the company who built your pool do the service on your pool matters. In fact, consider the following things prior to choosing someone else to work on your Shasta pool:

  1. As your original pool builder, we have a service history with your swimming pool. This allows us to properly perform service work and/or repairs your pool may need. Our vans are stocked with the parts used on your pool.
  2. With 45 years of swimming pool building & service experience, Shasta Pools & Spas has the knowledge, skill, resources and pool-specific management experience to find a solution for anything your pool may be experiencing. Our staff of seasoned construction professionals grew up in the pool business and know swimming pools.
  3. Committed to customer loyalty, we care for the original owner or a 2nd, 3rd or 4th owner of the home with the same commitment to great service. Our focus is to fix your pool so you don’t have to struggle with it.
  4. As a Shasta pool owner, you are entitled to special product offerings, warranty programs, and other value-added products we provide. Be sure to browse through the Service & Repair section to learn more about us.

If you purchased one of our swimming pools with a standard two-year warranty, or you are the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th owner of the pool, we have our exclusive EXTENDED EQUIPMENT WARRANTY available to you. Take a few minutes and fill out one of our information inquiries for the extended warranty plan. We designed it to insure you against the possibility of unforseen and costly equipment repairs as your pool ages. This is one of the most popular programs we offer to home buyers who buy a new house with an existing Shasta pool. Once you are part of the program, it is renewable at the end of each three-year term.

Please allow us the opportunity to earn and retain your pool repair service work. No one knows your Shasta pool like we do – the company who built it.

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