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Shasta Semi-Commercial, Commercial and Olympic Divisions can help with your project in ways you may not have even thought of. There are a number of advantages to using a swimming pool builder that manages your project from start to finish.

Using a landscape architect to design your aquatic project so a swimming pool company can build it seems simple enough. The architect completes the design and the swimming pool builder builds the swimming pool. However, do all designers know how to assess your aquatic project as a qualified swimming pool designer would? Do you know about options and features that could save your customer time and money in the long run?

What points should you consider when choosing a designer/builder?

  1. Are there any special options your customer could choose that would save time and money in the long run? For example, how is your customer handling routine maintenance? Automated chemical sanitation systems can save clients the extra expense of costly service calls. Clients can monitor chemical levels from an offsite location and save as much as 30 percent vs. traditional chemical maintenance methods. Will your designer be able to detail these kinds of options and offer value-added suggestions that could substantially increase your profit margin and enhance your reputation?
  2. What kind of blue prints and specifications will your designer bring to the pool builder? Presentation is important. Does your designer have an automated drawing program that will tell your pool builder exactly what is needed? Ironing out the exact specifications could save time and costly mistakes if hand drawings are misinterpreted.
  3. What kind of equipment will your designer suggest? Does your designer know about all the latest in equipment trends and new products specific to the pool industry? Equipment like salt chlorinating systems and improvement to heaters, pumps, and other critical items are always being introduced. If your designer is not familiar with industry specific products he/she may bring in a pool consultant to assist with suggestions and specifications. Wouldn’t it be more efficient and precise to use a company that is already an expert in the field?
  4. Once the designer completes the design, will he be involved in the rest of the process? Chances are, once the designer is done, the rest is up to the pool builder. What are the advantages of choosing a company that manages every phase of the project with capable professionals within the same organization?

Who designs your project is as important as who builds it. You can trust Shasta Pools & Spas with your entire project – design, engineering, building and equipment. From design through build, Shasta Pools & Spas has the expertise and experience to ensure the quality of your project and the integrity of your reputation.