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Waterline Cleaning

Quality Waterline Cleaning Services


Shasta’s Service division performs many specialty services like Waterline Cleaning. For years tile cleaning companies have been using glass beads to clean the unsightly and heavy mineral deposits off of swimming pool tile. To provide our customers a service that would not damage their tile, we researched and came up with materials that will not frost or will not damage the glazed finish on your ceramic tile.

Examples of Our Results

Waterline Cleaning

The results above are typical for removing heavy calcium/mineral deposits from waterline tile. You can see in the picture on the left, the solid white mineral deposit that covers the tile above the waterline. On the right, you see the amazing results and how the tile has been restored to a “LIKE NEW” look.



Pebble Cleaning

The pictures above show the “BEFORE” and “AFTER” waterline results. The water line you see in the left picture is removed with our process, as shown on the right. You return the appearance of the pool back to what it looked like when new. Our customers repeatedly tell us that no one else has ever cleaned their waterline as well as Shasta Pool Repair. Don’t pay a few dollars less and be unhappy with the results. Call us and get it done right the first time!

Dark Pebble Cleaning

The pictures above illustrate the dramatic change in the appearance from our cleaning process. This 10 year old pebble finish was restored to a “LIKE NEW” appearance with our combination Waterline cleaning and pressure cleaning process. This is the beauty of the strength of a pebble finish and how it can be restored to look so good after years of use.


Stone Cleaning

Another popular cleaning process we offer is cleaning all types of stone finishes. Rock finishes, being more pourous than ceramic tile, tend to get mineral stains fairly quickly. We can bring back the original color and appearance to a “LIKE NEW” appearance. Just let the results above speak for themself!

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